Terms & Conditions

Customers should note the following points when ordering goods:-

1. Goods are sold only on no credit basis (see Payment Options).

2. Goods once sold will not be taken back.

3. Upcountry orders will be sent on buyer's risk and no complaint will be entertained after the delivery of goods from our premises.

4. We shall not be responsible for any complaint in the goods after cutting, de-sizing and washing.

5. Loose rolls of surplus grade (NM/SK, DS/DS-S, SST, SEC, SEC-D, OS/SV) will not be returned and, we are not responsible for any defect arising in any surplus grade goods.

6. If the customer order goods that are not sold in routine, and are to be specially ordered from the mill, they will have to make an advance payment of certain amount depending upon the total value of the order. In case the customer cancels the order later or doesn't respond, his advance shall be forfeited.