Delivery Policies

Customers should note the following points with respect to our delivery system.

1. We do not provide physical/ door step delivery of goods.*

2. The customer will be issued Delivery Order only on receipt of full payment of goods. The customer is responsible for collecting the goods from the warehouse after issuing E-WAY bill and other necessary documents required as per the provision of GST ACT. The customer will be provided with assistance if any problem arises.

3. We will not be responsible for the goods if, delivery is not taken from the transport within 15 days of date of issue of Delivery Order.

* Note:- Physical/ Door step delivery may be provided under special circumstances, i.e. where the customer is out of reach of Transport Warehouses or makes a special request for delivery of goods. In both the cases the customer will be liable to pay for the delivery charges.

** Under no circumstance fabric will be delivered without Invoice or Eway Bill. Delivery will take place as per the rules and provisions under GST ACT.