About Us

Tushar Indigo Paradise is a leading wholesaler & manufacturer of Denim fabrics, Indigo Denim fabrics, RFD fabrics, Piece Dyed Fabrics located in Chandni Chowk, Delhi with branch office In Gandhi Nagar, Delhi. We also design and manufacture Denim Bagpacks & Denim Tote Bags, combining them with beautiful prints and jacquard designs.

We are a well known name among various Denim mills & Denim brands, wholesalers, traders and retailers who regularly conduct or are keen to conduct business with us. We deal in Denim Fabrics manufactured by some of the most Pioneer Denim Manufacturing Mills of India such as, K.G. Denim Ltd, Arvind Mills Ltd, Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills, Bhaskar Denim and LNJ Denim.

Our goodwill comes from our Proprietor- Dinesh Kumar Mittal, and employees who work tirelessly to fulfill the commitments and are always ready to take the next leap. We are driven by constant innovation, high focus on efficiency, a flexible and efficient management system and a highly efficient system of payments to the Mills, one of the biggest reasons for our popularity among the mills & dealers.

We have amassed 20 years of experience in denim industry. We have seen rise and fall of multiple denim mills in India and have done business with most of them. You would be surprised to know that we were the first denim distributor of Malwa Denim Mill, Chiripal Denim. We still are the only distributor of KG Denim in North India. What makes us unique is bargain ability which helps us procure fabric at very reasonable prices and that too in bulk quantities. Apart from that we maintain high ethics in our working and make sure there is no cheating with customer. Market is full of incidents where customers have been cheated in terms of weight, mismatch in qualities, supply of wrong grade fabric. However, we make sure that our customer doesn't face any issue like this. Our dealings are honest, ethical and value long term relationships.

We do not aim at merely making profit but are driven by the concept of social welfare and a greater focus on employee welfare. We strive to understand our customers better and provide them what they need with all fair means.

Our long term goal is to build the most customer oriented and customer friendly firm of our Industry.

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