Denim Weaves

Denim fabric is made in various types of weaves. Each type of weave gives denim a distinct look and feel. Before we delve into the types of weaves that denim is made in, lets know the meaning and process of weaving first.

Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. Basically, one yarn or thread is placed vertically, while the other yarn or thread is placed horizontally and then, they are interlaced in different ways to form a fabric. The different ways in which the yarn are interlaced create different weaves. The vertically placed yarn is called as Warp and the horizontally placed yarn is called Weft.

warp weft weave

Weaving Structure

Coming back to types of denim weaves, we have mainly 6 types of weaves that are most prominent in Denim fabric production.

  1. 1/1 Weave or Plain Weave- In this type of weave one Weft yarn passes through one Warp yarn, therefore being called as 1/1. Fabric made in this weave tend to look same from upper side as well as inside. This type of denim is also called as Chambray Denim. The most popular weights in which this type of Denim fabric is made are 3.5 oz to 6.5 oz. This weight is usually used to make light weight garments like shirts, tops, kurtis etc. The fabric can also be made stretchable by using Lycra yarn while weaving process.